SPEED COACH PERFROMANCE APP provides Speed training exercises, strength & conditioning programs, mental performance training, nutrition and overall wellness. Designed for today's modern athlete this application is ideal for sport organizations responsible in guiding athlete development. 


User Experience 

Workouts. Athlete's access workouts in the workout section of the APP. Video's and exercise descriptions are in place. Sets, reps, tempo, rest fields display ensuring each exercise is understood 

Connectivity. In-APP Messaging features connect athlete's to their coach 

Progress. When workouts are completed the progress bar climbs towards 100%. When programs are finished new programs are then applied. 


Other In APP Features Include: 

- Athlete Profile 

- Team Messaging 

- Daily Questionnaire / Self Assessment Graph 

- Competition Log 

- Training Log 

- Calendar  

- Nutrition Blog  


Available Programs 



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