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TRANSITION: Consistency is the key to progress and our Silver Level is designed so you never miss a workout and opportunity to improve. This level was created to keep you committed to your success using through accountability. Strategically designed programs keep you on the path and continue to improve your strength and endurance through the proven methods of Olympic Gold Medalists. 

Program Features

  • Daily workouts
  • Welcome Nutrition Package 
  • Programming - New Phases every 4-6 weeks
  • Calendar View and Playlist View
  • In-App Exercise Recording Capabilities and Stopwatch 
  • Display of training history during the workout
Most people just plainly "train wrong". Especially as we age. Everyone is unique. No one approach will work for everyone but this strategically designed program will keep you ahead of the ever changing landscape of our unique environments make it harder still as we age. As available time becomes more and more limited workouts have become convoluted, complex and unsustainable. 
The key to health and wellness is simplicity, repetition and consistency.
We work on the concept of "MINIMAL EFFECTIVE DOSE" - get the most out of your health in the least amount of time. 
Rule 1: Show up
Rule 2: Keep showing up
Simplicity is the key.
This is just the foundation to a lifelong journey.  Sustained results are based on the premise that it is not a chore to incorporate into the everyday routine of one's life.
You have to stand out from the crowd so you can’t do what everyone else is doing. In this program we focus on speed, strength, stamina, bio-mechanics, and preparation for the next stage of your life.


This program is split into 4 - 6 week segments

Silver Level




Mobile App Download

Personalized Profile

Standard Workouts (3 per week)



Progress Report

Nutrition Education

Custom Nutrition Plan


Lifestyle Reports

Weekly Parent Progress Report

Push Notifications

Training Log


Coach Team Reports

Team Coach Messaging


Athlete Messaging

Mental Performance Training - (Separate Billing - $99 one time fee)



Price: $19/monthly (Billed Annually or Semi Annually)


3 sessions/week


6 Months: $114 ($19/month)

12 Months: $205 (10% discount)

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