License - Youth Individual Gold

GAME ON. You have to stand out from the crowd so you can’t do what everyone else is doing. Metrics and on-the-field performance are important when competing for starting positions and scholarships. In this program we focus on speed, strength, stamina, bio-mechanics, and preparation for the next stage of your career.

Program objectives:

This package is for advanced or elite athletic performers. The primary focus is optimize "SPEED". The is the key to performance. All sports are based on "SPEED". "SPEED" is the precursor to strength & power. 

What to expect: 

A comprehensive advanced speed program focusing on top end speed development & speed endurance - essential in all team sports:

Program Focus:

  • injury prevention, awareness
  • Speed
  • Speed Endurance
  • Power
  • conditioning
  • strength

Program Duration: 

This program is split into 4 - 6 week segments

Gold Level




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30 Minute Monthly Mentoring


Mental Performance Training - (Separate Billing - $99 one time fee)



Price: $99/month (Billed Annually or Semi Annually)


5 session/week

6 Months: $1,188 ($99/month)
12 Months: $1,069 (10% discount)

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